Time To Create A Family Tradition

Traditions are an important part of family. You might think they are cheesy and unnecessary, but this is the perspective of an outsider looking in. What purpose can traditions really serve for a family? They help to reinforce feelings of solidarity and unity—in other words, they help to create family bonds. While it might seem intimidating to think of a tradition that will bond a family together for years to come, the good news is that traditions can be incredibly simple. 

Family ______ Night

No matter what you do on your family night, it is important to have one night where you get together to have fun as a family. It can be family game night, family movie night, family sports night, etc., but it should be something that you can do together as a family. The goal of the night is to come together as a family to have an enjoyable experience together—that's a lot of together's in close proximity to each other, but you get the idea. Whether you have a different game that you play every night or a certain game evolves into a family favorite, whether the children pick the movies, or the parents throw in a movie of their own from time to time, family night creates a bond-rich environment.

More than Holiday

A lot of family traditions can center around holidays. When it comes to creating bonds, a once-a-year ritual can help to start bonds, but returning once a year to reinforce the bond leaves plenty of time in between for the bond to erode. Thus, you need to think of little things that you can do every week or every day. Getting together around the dinner table or around a bed-time snack to share favorite experiences from the day can help family members to check in with each other and catch up on each other's busy lives. The older your children get, and the more activities they become involved in, the more important these nightly check-ins can be. 

When you start a family tradition, the key thing to remember is that what you do is not as important as why you do it. Whatever you do should provide opportunities to create shared memories, to serve each other, to work together as a team, to show concern for each other, etc. What works with one family may not work for every family, but as long as your focus is in the right place, you should be able to come up with a bonding ritual that your family can enjoy enough to repeat again and again ad infinitum.

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